Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Trampolines and dodgeball!

Never were two things created separately destined to be combined as well as trampolines and dodgeball. Put a team on each side. Put the balls in the middle. You know what happens next, except now it happens in mid-air!

Games during regular jump times will be quick – 4 minutes maximum – so everyone will get a chance to let it fly.

If a 4-minute game isn’t enough for you, get your buddies together and join one of our dodgeball tournaments or leagues. Oh yeah!

Please Note:In our Dodgeball Zone, we separate small jumpers under either 70 pounds or 44 inches from jumping with larger jumpers. For small jumpers, we do hold small jumper-only dodgeball games. Also, Birthday Party guests may ask the Air Guard on duty in the zone for a special Dodgeball game where birthday guest jumpers of all size may jump together, provided the larger jumpers in the party do not play rough with their small friends.