What do I need?

All jumpers MUST have waivers signed before they jump. Minors MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

If you plan to have a Birthday Party with us, EACH invited child MUST have a waiver signed by THEIR parent before we can allow them to jump.

Waivers may be downloaded online from our Waiver page and brought to the park. Waivers may also be filled out in the lobby of the park.

We have a strict NO EXCEPTIONS policy for jumpers without waivers. We never want to turn away jumpers, so please be prepared!

On your feet?

There are only two ways to jump on a trampoline: barefoot, or wearing our slip-resistant Jump Socks. Socks are $2 a pair, and you can bring them back every time you come. Such a deal! Sorry, but no shoes are allowed on our trampolines.

What to wear?

First off, jumping on a trampoline is a real work-out! We recommend lightweight clothes you’ll be comfortable in. The only major “no-no’s” are big snaggy belt buckles or studs that will damage our beautiful equipment. We might be able to give you some duct tape to cover up the pokey parts, but who wants that? Trust us, you’ll be happier in clothes that give you the freedom you deserve.

What's in my pockets?

Hopefully nothing, or as little as possible, anyway. When you jump around, stuff can go flying. Nobody likes getting hit in the head with someone else’s keys.

What about little kids?

Glad you asked! We only allow jumpers 3 and over. Younger children have a hard time understanding the rules. Also, non-jumping parents are not allowed on the trampolines, and parents may not jump with small children in the Launch Zone area. This creates separation anxiety issues for small children and their parents.

For children 3 and over, many features in our park are one person per trampoline, so kids of all sizes can still have tons of fun! In our open Launch Zone, we separate the small jumpers with a see-through net into a "Kids Zone" area. The Kids Zone size cut-off is either 70 pounds or 44 inches tall.

In our Dodgeball Zone, we hold kids-only dodgeball games when smaller jumpers want to play. Also, when a family comes in for a Birthday Party, they may ask the Air Guard on duty in the zone for a special dodgeball game where birthday guest jumpers of all size may jump together, provided the larger jumpers in the party do not play rough with their small friends.

In Trick Nation, our zone for the most advanced tricks, is available only to jumpers ages 5 and older.

Finally, non-jumpers are never allowed on the trampolines. This includes the parents of children.