Gravity is for chumps! Ever seen a kangaroo and thought, 'I could beat that'? The Launch Zone is for you.

With over FIVE THOUSAND SQUARE FEET of trampolines arranged together in a wide open space, the Launch Zone is a great place for beginners and intermediates. Jump with your friends, enjoy the air beneath your feet, and ricochet off our angled sidewall trampolines!

Please Note: We only allow jumpers 3 and over on our trampolines. Younger children have a hard time understanding the rules. Also, non-jumping parents are not allowed on the trampolines, and parents may not jump with or stand on the pads near small children in the Launch Zone area.

For children 3 and over, in our open Launch Zone where multiple jumpers are in the zone at the same time, we separate the small jumpers with a see-through net curtain into a "Kids Zone" area. Children jump in the Kids Zone when they are either under 70 pounds or under 44 inches tall.

Many zones in our park are one person per trampoline, so kids of all sizes can still have tons of fun!